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7011 St Claude Ave
#213, Arabi, LA 70032

(Second floor of the Arabi Plaza. Entrance at the side of the building)

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yoga for all

Swan River Yoga Arabi is a completely donation-based yoga studio and community center.
We have a diverse schedule of yoga and meditation classes, silent retreats, and more. Everyone is welcome regardless of their ability to pay.  
You are welcome to attend any scheduled classes by a donation of your choosing. Or maybe you prefer to bring in a roll of paper towels or help us clean the studio after class. As a 100% community-run space, we welcome this, too!


Swan River Yoga Arabi is run by a group of individuals committed to the practice of SEVA. Seva is a Sanskrit word that means “selfless service,” or providing service without asking anything in return. Our teachers and staff at the studio do not get paid.


If you appreciate the availability of donation-based yoga, please support our work by coming to class or spreading the word. Your donation allows someone else to enjoy the gift of yoga, which keeps the beautiful cycle of giving and receiving alive.

We hope to see you in class soon. Check out our weekly class schedule to plan your next visit. 


New to yoga? Not sure where to start?

We strive to make our studio accessible to yoga practitioners of all experience levels. From knowing which class to attend, what to bring, and what to wear, we've got you covered. Click below to learn more!