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Soothing Bell

training the mind: a meditation series

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summer solstice restorative yoga


introduction to yoga: exploring the paths and practices

Swan River Yoga Arabi is a unique, intimate, and completely generosity-based yoga studio for all. 


We offer a diverse schedule of live onlinein studio, and park yoga classes. You're welcome to attend any scheduled classes for free, or make an offering of your choosing.

We run on love, enthusiasm, and seva, a Sanskrit word meaning selfless service as a path to individual and collective freedom. 

Our studio is sustained by a community of volunteers committed to the yogic idea of seva, or selfless service, devoted to the liberation of all. We believe that something magical happens when a community comes together to support, empower, and uplift each other while doing the deep inner work of healing and transformation. 

We offer more than just asana.

Swan River Yoga Arabi holds frequent day- and weekend-long silent retreats, teacher trainings, specialized workshops, and meditation and dharma classes. All our events are generosity based or sliding scale.

We believe in using the power of stillness, meditation, and ancient wisdom to improve our lives and the collective whole, especially in the strength of community.

If you appreciate the availability of donation-based yoga, please support our work by coming to class or spreading the word. Your donation allows someone else to enjoy the gift of yoga, which keeps the beautiful cycle of giving and receiving alive.

Share your thoughts with us. 

We'd love to hear from you about your experience, what classes you want to see, and what we can do better. 

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