Our History
In January 2011, we took a leap of faith in a concept that was unique in the entire United States: a totally donation-based community center focused on empowering the individual.     
Borrowing money from friends and well-wishers, we created this center with a vision of offering donation based classes and workshops for everyone, regardless of their ability to pay
We don't get any grants to support ourselves. All of our money comes from donations received from students and supporters. This makes us self-sustaining and focused within our community.
Our teachers do not get paid. They perform SEVA (selfless service) as a way of giving back to the community.
We are not aligned with any church or religion and yet honor the essential message of peace and love from all religions.
Our Mission
Swan River Community Center: Yoga and Seva L3C, social enterprise  formed by Haiyan Khan, Keith Porteous and Michelle Baker.  
The purpose of this community center is to offer, with the deepest and purest intention, the practice of yoga and other uplifting activities for everyone regardless of their ability to pay.  We hope that this vision will help guide us through our journey of creating, nurturing and spreading yoga. Thus we are using the L3C format, which is designed to accommodate social enterprises such as ours. 
This center will not have a fixed price per class, but rather a sliding scale. No pressure ever will be placed on a person to contribute money. We will accept the payments offered to us and work within those means. 
While the main purpose of this studio is to provide yoga for everyone, management may allow other uplifting groups to conduct their regular meetings here. 
If you are interested in hosting a group meeting please contact arabi@swanriveryoga.com or call 985-240-9384 
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7011 St Claude Ave
#213, Arabi, LA 70032

(Second floor of the Arabi Plaza. Entrance at the side of the building)

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