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7011 St Claude Ave
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(Second floor of the Arabi Plaza. Entrance at the side of the building)

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Class Levels

Beginner: A breakdown for absolute new beginners. Educational in atmosphere.

All:  Experience helpful but not necessary.

Open: More vigorous class with moderate challenge. Variations will be offered for all skill levels, but some experience with yoga is recommended. 

Seva Swan Flow

A flow-based class focused on connecting each movement with breath while still incorporating wise alignment.


​This class is general in nature, attending to the body as a whole so that each part of you feels activated. It offers numerous modifications for all of the poses that are presented through the use of intelligent and supported props.


Built on the foundations of movement, connection, fluidity and breath, the poses are woven together with intelligence. It is appropriate for beginner to advanced students, yet some experience with yoga is preferred since little stopping takes place.


Honoring the tradition and roots of classical yoga, this class will have

*An intentional philosophical theme presented at the beginning and infused throughout the class

*Breath exercises or meditation

* Breath count in each shape so that you have the time to settle into the body

* Uplifting music

Level:  OPEN

Swan Intermediate Led Practice

This class spices up the practice just ever so slightly with a bit more vigor and a few key challenging peak poses demonstrated. Similar in flavor to our Swan Flow, it is chock full of the same delicious treats such as dharma, bhakti, breathing & a balance of alignment and flow, yet it is meant to inspire challenge & growth in a light, celebratory atmosphere. Often you will find a Senior Swan Teacher with a seasoned practice leading/doing this class.

Level: OPEN

Slow Flow

A Swan River Yoga Slow Flow class focuses on the interplay between movement and breath.  A natural next step after our beginner’s classes, a Slow Flow practice will lead you to release physical tension, calm your mind, and settle your nervous system.  With less physical alignment instruction and more focus on rhythm, these classes are designed to create a mental flow state of absorption and presence that arises from linking the changing poses with breath.  Less physically challenging than our Open classes, these moving meditations are a practice mid-point between our beginner’s program and our “open” and “tapasya” level classes.  Expect a sequence which includes gentle sun salutations, balancing poses, grounding hip-openers and a restorative yoga pose.    



For those entirely new to the practice. Develop strength and balance through emphasis on building the foundation of the pose, creating space in the spine, and aligning the general form. This class breaks down the asana poses succinctly, with proper use of props so they are safely explained, demonstrated, and experienced with modifications.

This class is appropriate for students with injuries and/or physical limitations.


Iyengar Yoga

Iyengar Yoga is a standardized system of instruction, which is oriented towards gradual but steady progression, rather than quick results.  Use of  props to maximize the opening and awareness of the body, providing support to the less flexible, and extra extension to the more advanced student. Students learn to penetrate beyond the physical body to the inner kosas (layers) of mind, energy and spirit, gaining vitality, clarity and calm through the practice. 


Perfect for total beginners, or students who want a better understanding.  Can be practiced by everyone and in all stages of life. 

Level: ALL

Restorative Yoga

This class invites deep nurturing, receptivity, an internal inquiry and slowed down pace. Restorative yoga is done seated or lying down. No standing sequences are offered. The use of props such as bolsters, blankets, blocks and straps gently eases one into opening the energy over an extended period of time. A total of 5-8 poses will be introduced in each class along with the possibility of breathing exercises and/or a short meditation.

Created especially for those under stress, in need of slowing down, for those in deep processing or in need of internal balance, for beginners, for those with injuries, special needs and trauma. Please come restore and renew with us.

Level: ALL

Yin Yoga


Yin Yoga is a relaxing, meditative practice that consists of long held static poses. We support the body to allow the muscles to relax and connective tissues to be affected. The long held postures also allow time for relaxation and focused attention to sensations in the body. The benefits of yin yoga can include increased range of motion, relief from joint pain, decreased anxiety and more restful sleep. Yin yoga is a beautiful practice to begin to cultivate a healthy dialogue between the body and mind.

Level: ALL

Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga, as taught by Yogi Bhajan, works with the energy of the subtle body, soothes the nervous system, and helps the endocrine system function optimally. It is a raj yoga with a focus on meditation. During each class, students will practice pranayama (breathing exercises), kriya (series of targeted actions), and deep relaxation (savasana). Together, these prepare us for meditation. The teacher holds space for each student’s personal experience and supports the practice by suggesting modifications and props while encouraging students to express their own perfection of each asana. Since students follow their own individual internal, divine teacher, Kundalini is appropriate for all levels and abilities.

Level: ALL

Yoga for Fun

A vigorous open/intermediate level yoga class. A creative spin on our regular Seva Swan Flow class, we'll add a few more challenging poses, an inversion, and possible partner poses in a fun light environment with music.


Come enjoy a safe space to play, explore, and perhaps try something new!

Level: OPEN

Y12SR: Yoga for Recovery

Y12SR is a 12-step based discussion and yoga practice that is open to anyone and everyone dealing with their own addictive behavior or affected by the addictive behavior of others. This is an open and inclusive group. All A's are welcome. Please wear comfortable clothing.

Level: ALL