“It is only in our darkest hours that we may discover the true strength of the brilliant light within ourselves that can never, ever, be dimmed.” – Doe Zantamata

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If you are completely new, we suggest taking a beginner's class. This class focuses on the fundamentals of the poses and assumes no knowledge of yoga. You may also try a beginner-friendly / all levels class. While this class is not a beginners class, teachers will offer variations to poses that can be challenging for beginners thus allowing beginners to attend a more challenging class. You can also take one of our beginners workshops which are a great way to get all the essentials of yoga. Please check our schedule for when the next beginner's yoga workshop will be.

How much are classes?

All scheduled classes are donation based. You give whatever you feel comfortable with contributing. Donations are left in the desk in the lobby next to the sign-in book. 

How many times a week should I practice yoga? 

Yoga is a slow but powerful transformative practice. For beginners, we recommend that you work your way up to three classes a week for three months. We have noticed that people who actually do this truly get the most benefit of their practice. After a few weeks of taking yoga you may want to try more challenging classes. You maybe surprised at your ability. 


What do I need to bring?

Wear loose, comfortable clothing. We have all the props you need and water for your water bottle.  If you're coming from work you can change in the restrooms.We provide mats; however, some students prefer to bring their own.

Can I eat before yoga?

Yoga is best on an empty stomach. We recommend not eating anything substantial at least two hours before class. 

Is yoga a religion?

No. Because yoga has roots from India, there are at times influences of deities and mythical stories; however, yoga is not a religion. Yoga is a set of practices that can be performed by anyone. These practices are aimed to get a deep understanding of the nature of life by understanding one's own self.

Why is there chanting and talks in some classes?

Some teachers chant as a way of clearing the space before they teach. If you feel comfortable you can chant along or simply enjoy it. You are never ever required to chant. Teachers may also give a talk before class as an inspiration to bring attention to the fact that we are doing more than poses. These talks are aimed to open and relax the student.

Where is the entrance to the studio?


We are located on the Second Floor at Room #213 in the Arabi Plaza ( 7011 St Claude Ave, Arabi LA,70032). To get upstairs, you can come in the side entrance of the building near the discount store. Go up the stairs and continue down the hall. Our studio will be on the left as you come in. 


Alternatively you can also enter from the rear entrance which is a steel stair case on the other side of the building.


Do I need to register for class ahead of time? 

No, but we do recommend showing up for class at least 10 minutes ahead of time to give you time to put up your things, get your yoga mat and props, and be prepared for class.  Please also take a moment to sign our New Student Waiver

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All scheduled classes are donation based. You give whatever you feel comfortable with contributing. Donations are left in the desk in the lobby next to the sign-in book. 

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