Reopening after Quarantine: 

Swan River Yoga Arabi Protocols



  • Stay home if you’re not feeling well. 

  • Bring your own yoga mat and props if possible. 

  • Register for class ahead of time. Classes will be limited and priority will be given to students who have pre-registered. 

  • Masks are required.

  • Please minimize the amount of socializing you do within the lobby. Feel free to take your conversations to the outdoor patio of Kitchen Table Café or to the parking lot! 

  • Yoga mat spaces will be pre-marked. Please place your yoga mat behind one of these markings to ensure 6 feet of distance between yourself and other practitioners. 

  • Follow CDC guidelines and take responsibility for YOUR wellbeing! We will continue to offer online classes through Zoom for anyone who does not feel comfortable returning to the studio.


FAQs for Students


How will the studio be cleaned?

After every class our teacher will sanitize the entire studio and lobby space with a

disinfecting solution. This is in addition to our regular cleaning routine. 


What about the bathrooms?

Please use your own discretion when using the bathrooms, as there is no way for us to guarantee disinfection between uses. We will provide you with a disinfecting spray that we encourage you to use on toilets and sinks. While we will clean the bathrooms regularly, it will be your responsibility to spray down prior to and after use.


Will I be able to use props?

Yes. We ask that you spray down any props you borrow before and after use.  


Are masks required?

Masks are required while you are in the studio. 


Will teachers be offering hands on assists?



Is registration required to attend classes?

Registration for class is highly encouraged. Please register on our website before class, as class sizes will be limited to ensure social distancing guidelines. If more than the allotted number of students show up for class, priority will be given to those who have registered for class online. 

Thank you for your continued support and care of the collective whole!



  • After class, please sweep the studio and the lobby and then spray them both down with our commercial pressure sprayer (easy to use!). To make the mixture: Fill up one white cup with water and a splash of bleach. You do not need to use much bleach at all for this little amount and it will be more than enough to spray down our space. This is a mixture recommended by the CDC. There is no need to wipe it down.

  • No hands on assists.

  • Please monitor your temperature, health, and comfort levels. If you’re not feeling well, please find a sub. If you can’t find a sub, let us know 4 hours ahead of time so that we can cancel your class.

  • Wash your hands before and after class for a minimum of 20 seconds. 

  • Maintain a distance of 6 feet from students. Please stay at the front of the class when teaching and wear a mask.

  • If you have more than 8 students arrive for class, ask who has registered. These students have priority to class. Beyond that, it’s first come, first served. We do not expect this to be a common occurrence.

  • Stay home and get a sub if you’re not feeling well. Take care of your health, immune system, heart, and mind! 



  • Please make sure both bathrooms are stocked with paper towels, toilet paper, and hand washing soap. 

  • We will provide a spray that students can bring with them to spray down the space before using it. 

  • Students will be responsible for spraying down / cleaning the bathroom at their discretion. We share the bathrooms with the other businesses and cannot guarantee their cleanliness throughout classes.