By becoming a member of our community, you preserve a unique, intimate yoga studio committed to making yoga, wellness, meditation, and inner joy accessible to all, regardless of their ability to pay. 

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When you donate to our studio, you're not paying only for yourself or your own classes.
Instead, we invite you to realize that your membership also provides the gift of yoga to others. You're keeping our studio alive so that all beings can benefit from what we offer, despite what they can afford to pay.

For one-off donations, you can Venmo us: @swanriveryoga-arabi

What is a Swan River Yoga Arabi Member?

Our members are people who support our mission of providing yoga and other uplifting activities to all, regardless of their ability to pay. This is someone who has received the gift of yoga, watched how it changed their life, and now wants to consciously share this gift with others.


Members are committed to their practice and want others to experience the benefits of yoga at an affordable place like Swan River Arabi. By donating $20 a month, members strengthen their practice of karma yoga, giving and serving so they too may receive.


$20 per month helps to create a sustainable income for the studio. With this, we have greater financial stability and can ensure that others within the community will have access to yoga. 


Can I stop being a member at any time?

Yes! We always ask that our community members give from a responsible and open space, honoring what's best for them. Follow the link below to cancel your existing contribution, or contact us through our contact page.

What if I want to contribute more than $20/month?


By offering only the $20/month contribution level, we hope to shift focus onto the act of giving rather than the amount. 

If you're moved to donate more, please do so in person, on Venmo, or on Paypal. Thank you for your generous support. 


"There's no other yoga studio where ALL are welcome without barriers and that's available to all levels from the beginner to the seasoned practitioner. I'm a member because I want to give this mission continued life."

"I love the refreshing quality of SRY Arabi. I feel a connection to the simplicity of being in my body. I feel at peace here. And I feel true community: no judgment, no cliques, just a deep welcoming presence to people of all ages, races, religious backgrounds, and economic status."

"SRY Arabi has changed my life. I feel better physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I love the wonderful people I've met. I've learned so much about yoga, meditation, and spiritual growth. Being a regular monthly contributor is the right thing to do."

"My experiences here have not only changed my approach to every day, but have also given me a better understanding of how to navigate or begin to approach whatever I may encounter in life. I've benefited immensely from this space and hope their mission of providing yoga to all can continue for many years to come!

"SRY Arabi is more than a place where everyone has equal access to nourishing, quality resources -- it's also a loving, vibrant community that embodies the vision of collective care. Supporting them reminds me that when I take care of my community, I take care of myself."

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